If it is your question, you may also need to ask yourself; how much time to write your comment on the blog of others? It’s just like selling and buying, give and receive. As far as I know, here are the benefits why we need to comment on other people blog post, if I am not wrong:

1. Comments is good and necessary thing to do – In addition you will get comments from people who being commented, comments can also be used as a campaign for your blog, especially on the blog who add comment widget.

2. Find friends and influence them – Blogging is part of the network activity. People will prefer to link to you (or more) if they have heard about you. Be among them, and search friend out side there.

3. Click – People to click your link to see what interesting stuff there. Write clearly and correctly and sincere [blog will be interesting when the content of truth and genuineness of the author]

4. Developing comment into ideas – Search the points of interest in post story and provide comments. Provide relevant and comments that can give attention to other commentator to participate commented to what you have been commented. Nah lho, dizziness deh!

5. Create Commendable Content – Create a post that can attract attention people to comment, you can do with writing something controversial, or the current hot trend, such as “Dukun Cilik Panori” witch furor little Panori.

6. Comments = Ideas – its great if your comment then becoming posting ideas of others.

7. Create an objective post – you will never know who will be the readers. I got many friends from blogging who I did not know before!

8. You Give and you get – What you give is actually what you will get. It is the law of nature, or you can get more sometimes. You’ll get even receive more comments. Just try it.

9. Keep Practicing – you need to practice for commenting. Comments can be in a short, concise, and on touch the point. Writing comment is also an exercise.

10. Commented on the new bloggers – Its good to meet new bloggers each day for just refresh your mind. Sometimes with the same number of thoughts can make us feel saturated. Moreover, with commenting in new blog can increase the number of new friends but do not forget old friends [meaning do not forget old friends, things are always active comments]. Be commenting. Spare a bit of your time, you are a great blogger.