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Solar Panel-In-a-Tube Generates Power

So it’s  going this way back into the cold that’s  basically all there is to it and so far  it seems to be working I would notice  any problem so here’s the whole tango  dude’s vertical so you can see so  there’s the whole tank 40 gallon read so  I learned my lesson this time from the  last two solar project at my new house  that run everything extra even the wire  so instead of running one singer sets of  wire I double up and then I did two sets  of wire just just in case and it turned  out that I had to use both of them  so I ran two set of 12 gauge wire so  that I end up paralleling them together  to give me more so it doesn’t the  voltage doesn’t drop that much so  basically what’s going in is those  panels are SunPower  they are 320 Watts 19 that’s the model  number I believe and those is just like  super efficient panels like 19 percent  efficient and they have extremely high  voltage I believe they’re 92 cells where  96 can’t remember but they the vo C is  65 volt and under low it’s like 55 volts  so I got two in series two in parallel  so basically when it’s coming in it’s  120 volt DC and then at about maximum  probably bound there are six point four  amps open circuit so I’m getting about  two parallels to get them get about 9  amps eight point eight to nine amps so  as you can see here right now it’s at  one o’clock and led to focus and we’re  under low we’re getting 105 volt at  eight point eight amps making about 900  watts so that’s pretty pretty good could  have been better if if there was an MPPT  controller on here obviously this is not  running on MPPT the other thing is.

I’m  running on the stock element it was  designed to run on 220 so running on 220  4500 watts  rated but I’m only putting in 120 volts  or under low in this case only 100 volts  so I’m not getting the max the maximum  power coming out of the panel’s and  there’s a lot of place that you can read  up on why is that because of the  resistant in the in the element that’s  causing it to causing the panel not to  you know to be running at its maximum  potential if you were to have an MPPT  charge controller if I would hook this  panel to the charge controller I’m  probably probably going to get you know  at least 1100 to 1200 Watts right now  instead of the 900 watts now I have  proven that if I were to hook one panels  into the charge controller in charge of  battery I was getting actually about 280  watts but if I hooked it up directly to  an element I can only get about 200  watts but currently nobody really make  an MPPT charge controllers for water heating to go directly into an element  so but there is out there but it’s too  expensive  some are $300 some are a grand.

So it’s  just too too expensive and not worth it  so basically the solar is coming in and  then it goes into this 2 2 bar the top  one is positive the bottom one’s  negative so it goes in the two-wire get  tied together because I like I told you  I run the two sets of wire and parallels  12 gauge so it goes in they go through a  fuse I put it through a DC fuse on the  positive side and the negative size down  here the negative side get route through  the meter this is the power meter this  is what’s measuring the the Amdahl and  the voltage so that go through there and  the positive side going back to the  positive side just basically put it on  this these DC disconnects which I could  turn it off so I now I turn that off  you’ll see everything go to zero so it  goes the voltage go back to 120 volt  zero Iams  so turn it back on back to 105 volt 928  watts  okay now I will open up the bottom and  we’ll talk a little bit about the  elements in how the everything else go  together oh and on the AC sides really  simple now on the AC side I do have 220  coming into my my my workshop for my CNC  machine stuff like that here but I  didn’t want to mess with it and having  to hook you know route another 220 line  over here so I decided that see I’m only  going to use the grid for redundancy or  just.

When it’s not enough a solar so I  still I left this to run I left the top  element to be running where I wire the  top element to be running on 110 only so  this is the line that’s going in right  here it’s going in and it run the top  elements and then that get plug into the  wall so see this line going down and  that just going into regular sockets so  what it does is that if you run the  stock element the two to the 240  elements 4500 watts on 110 volt or 120  this case you’ll get about a thousand  watts  that’s how much it pulls on my watts  meter so that’s perfectly fine for  regular outlets so give me a second let  me open it up and I’ll show you  okay so here’s the top element this is  where the AC is coming in and basically  that’s the great power so what I did was  it had another line that get attached to  the this terminal so basically it grunge  down just to parallel the wire to the  bottom elements so I disconnected that  this that would be that wire right there  that red and the black wire on the side  so I cover that up so still leaving the  grids and have this run on 110 so that’s  that so this is standalone so I’m not  connecting my solar to the grid where  the DC is coming in.

So I have the DC  coming in now before the other day I  still had a route through the stop  thermostat but if you rely on lying  everybody keep saying that well yeah you  can’t run they stop thermostat on DC  especially high voltage DC you can  probably get away with like 20 volt 4  volt to 48 volt DC and maybe 10 amps or  so then the stop thermostat I think and  still work like my other house on this  particular setup because it’s 120 volt  DC it if you ever handle 120 volt DC you  probably know it arc a RC the arc is art  quite a bit so I’m like probably an inch  a good inch to two inch of arc when you  remove the wire let’s say you have to  wire twist it together and if it’s 120  volt or so DC you pull them apart though  you’ll see that much of art so what  happened if you run the stop thermostat  and now I have tested this when the  thermostat try to shut it off and that  metal plates in there try to separate  all it does is that the plate is  separated but then the arc is still  connecting them together so under my  Watts meter up there my power meter.

I  can still see it’s pulling power and if  that happened for a long period of time  I think what happened is that the  thermostats going to burnt itself up or  probably going to catch on fire so now I  have tested that so I prove that you  can’t use the stop thermostat on 120  volt DC so now you know someplace like  Wynans Missouri wind and solar they sell  you the DC thermostat they are rated for  DC and AC I think their way to anywhere  from 12 volt to 250 volt AC and DC so to  put into perspective this thermostat is  not any bigger than the pup to stop  thermostat and I’m pretty sure the  inside is all the same to the way how  they works so as you see this thickness  doesn’t have enough separation to to to  disengage the the plate or the power so  I tested this – i call it them they  don’t really give me an answer but i  tested so i tested myself and guys they  do not work on high voltage DC even  though on their website that they say  it’s handled 250 volt DC that’s bolt  there’s no way it can handle 250 volt DC  I only put 120 volt DC through it and  I’ll have a video that I’ll clip in I’ll  show you what it does you can see you  can hear it and then you can see the arc  that’s going on a bunch of blue really  bright blue spark on the inside of it  and all it does is that it sparked it  spark and arc but it won’t shut off.

Under Sink Tankless Electric Water Heater

If you need hot water for a single appliance, then what you will read in this article will be of great value to you. A, so called, point of use electric tankless water heater is perfect for a single appliance, like a sink. It is called point of use because it is very small and can be installed very close to the target.

So if the electric tankless water heater is installed very close to the target; that means the hot water must not travel too much to reach its destination. This is a good thing, because the hot water won’t cool off while traveling through the pipes. Unlike the tank based water heaters, this type of water heaters heat water only when you need it, so no standby energy is needed.

The point of use electric tankless water heaters are very compact, they are designed to save a lot of space and to be installed in almost any spot. They usually can be mounted on the wall, but the most common point of use tankless water heaters are used for sinks, so the best spot to install them is under the sink. The point of use tankless heater also saves you a lot of money on bills, because they use electricity only when hot water is needed.

The small point of use heaters are also very easy to install. You don’t need a pro to do it, you can install it yourself. All you have to do is connect the hot water pipe, the cold water pipe and some wires and you’re done. The flow rate that the small tankless heater can provide is usually as high as 2 gallons per minute. That is more than enough for one sink. Usually 2 gallons per minute are never used, because such a flow rate isn’t needed. The users prefer to keep it lower so the temperature of the water can be higher.

The point of use tankless water heater can be used almost anywhere for a single appliance. It can be used for restrooms that are in: office buildings, gas stations, stores, schools, malls, hotels, motels, warehouses, restaurants and so on. This is if the tankless heater is for commercial purposes. It can also be used for residential purposes: bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, laundry areas, small cabins and so on. So, if you need a tankless water heater that is designed for one appliance, the best choice is the point of use tankless water heater!

How To Improve and Why Important?Inspired by my Alexa rank which stuck [doesn’t increase] for several weeks,

so I want to write about Alexa; which believed to be an effort to increase the rank and of course wish to share idea with you. If you have better idea, I am more than happy you can share with me as well. Alexa that I know is a ranking based on the number of visits to a web or blog, then, of course, the more visitors your website or blog, alexa rank will be the better.

Why Alexa Rank important?The answer, because there are some commercial website advertising service that provides Alexa ranking in terms of certain restrictions. ReviewMe, Text Link Ads and Sponsored Reviews are 3 of them and much more. If we do not wish to use commercial advertising services or do not want to make the blog as we monetize blog, Alexa ranking improvement can be seen as an effort to do a little optimization that can be useful for blog quality.Because it is quiet a big wonder, I brought this issue to the discussion forum on Blogcatalog.

As I have written about Alexa in my previous post, basically there are few tips to improve Alexa Ranking:1. Alexa Traffic The most basic step: Get lot of site traffic! Alexa rank is to determine the website with the most traffic. With the assumption, more traffic = more popular. Alexa ranking is essentially website popularity. Where to get traffic? Traffic can be obtained from providing useful content [jobs info, tutorials, news, etc,],  understand a little about SEO, search engine submission, blog submission [digg, delicious, Furl, Technorati, Simpy, Spurl, reddit, mybloglog, blogcatalog, and others], Making friendship web [facebook, twitter, friendster, yuwie, Hi5, facebook, and others],

using web on email signature and placing ads on the site as free ad line.2. Alexa ToolbarUsing the browser installed with Alexa toolbar can increase your website rank. In fact not only your website, every website visited by the browser installed with Alexa toolbar also received the “value” that will be consider in the ranking. Then, the visitor sure visitor of your website is yourself? So, if your internet browser already been installed with Alexa toolbar, then the addition of point ranking will happen automatically!

To install Alexa toolbar, you can visit this link.3. Alexa WidgetPlace the Alexa site widget stat in your website. Alexa stat this site contains javascript which every visitor data to the server so that Alexa statistics become more accurate. The script can be taken here, copy and paste. Don’t be ashamed event when your Alexa number is BIG, to achieve the desired results of course there is a price to be paid. This blog was ranked 28 thousands 4 month back, now is 300 thousands.4. Alexa Blog / ContentYou write article or blog about Alexa. Webmaster and Blogger like ways to write to improve the Alexa ranking.

Just like what I am doing now. But when you lack of attention or at least using related keyword to the webmaster or blogger, the rank might be stuck like mine in the level of 300thousands. The idea of writing this article is to obtain and to improve rank.Ok so far so good, please add more tips about improving Alexa page rank.Want to know what I am doing?Subscribe to eBlogTalk dot com via RSSMore Articles You May Like :

10 Reasons Why Commenting Is Useful for the Life of Blog Many people complained about the amount of comment in their posts; why do few people who want to comment on the blog?

If it is your question, you may also need to ask yourself; how much time to write your comment on the blog of others? It’s just like selling and buying, give and receive. As far as I know, here are the benefits why we need to comment on other people blog post, if I am not wrong:

1. Comments is good and necessary thing to do – In addition you will get comments from people who being commented, comments can also be used as a campaign for your blog, especially on the blog who add comment widget.

2. Find friends and influence them – Blogging is part of the network activity. People will prefer to link to you (or more) if they have heard about you. Be among them, and search friend out side there.

3. Click – People to click your link to see what interesting stuff there. Write clearly and correctly and sincere [blog will be interesting when the content of truth and genuineness of the author]

4. Developing comment into ideas – Search the points of interest in post story and provide comments. Provide relevant and comments that can give attention to other commentator to participate commented to what you have been commented. Nah lho, dizziness deh!

5. Create Commendable Content – Create a post that can attract attention people to comment, you can do with writing something controversial, or the current hot trend, such as “Dukun Cilik Panori” witch furor little Panori.

6. Comments = Ideas – its great if your comment then becoming posting ideas of others.

7. Create an objective post – you will never know who will be the readers. I got many friends from blogging who I did not know before!

8. You Give and you get – What you give is actually what you will get. It is the law of nature, or you can get more sometimes. You’ll get even receive more comments. Just try it.

9. Keep Practicing – you need to practice for commenting. Comments can be in a short, concise, and on touch the point. Writing comment is also an exercise.

10. Commented on the new bloggers – Its good to meet new bloggers each day for just refresh your mind. Sometimes with the same number of thoughts can make us feel saturated. Moreover, with commenting in new blog can increase the number of new friends but do not forget old friends [meaning do not forget old friends, things are always active comments]. Be commenting. Spare a bit of your time, you are a great blogger.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When perplexing to brand brand brand new lavatory ideas where do we begin? Although builders and bath remodeling contractors might not similar to this thought Perhaps we should stop anticipating ideas since as we enlarge a volume of lavatory formulation ideas in your conduct so additionally will a volume of your dollar volume be expected to enlarge for your lavatory remodel. If bill is a regard Consider remodeling reduction though carrying a lavatory work finished well. Quit celebration of a mass right away and be calm with what we have. If we have a supports and still enterprise to transform go upon to examination and examination giveaway online master bath remodeling ideas.

Alternatives to Luxury Master Suite Ideas
A oppulance master lavatory apartment might appear similar to a good thought to have friends over and catch a impassioned magnificence of a surrounding settlement we have incorporated in to your home. However devise your remodeling dollar volume closely and assimilate what we can afford. It only does not have clarity to take a oppulance master lavatory apartment upon a home equity loan if we will have to onslaught to compensate off a balance. Instead cruise adding tiny oppulance equipment as we can means them. Small home improvements can additionally have we feel good with out maximizing your debt. Example ideas? Perhaps we can keep your bath blueprint though shift a self-centredness cabinet, supplement a incomparable mirror, and supplement brand brand new light fixtures. For a somewhat incomparable investment cruise replacing your customary showertub  with a spin tub. If we have been after storage space reinstate a single thought is to shift a vast self-centredness cupboard to a unequivocally tiny cabinet. Lets contend we have a 6 feet self-centredness cabinet. You can shift a cupboard distance to 2 feet far-reaching and supplement dual 2 feet high linen cabinets upon possibly side. An pick thought is to shift a self-centredness cupboard to 3 feet far-reaching and supplement a 3 feet far-reaching linen cupboard upon a wall side. Checkout some Best Flushing toilet for small bathrooms.

Decorative Tile Pattern Ideas
Floor tiles have been a single of a many permanent flooring sorts we can implement for your master bathroom. Although a investment enlarge if we do not implement a tiles yourself adding a musical settlement in to a tile might supplement a aberration and a clarity of magnificence to your master bath. Adding a musical tile behind dash or a tiled counterpart approximate does not price a lot nonetheless can unequivocally feature a looks of indebtedness we embrace from friends on vacation after we finish remodeling. Mosaic tiles need to be implemented delicately to sojourn permanent nonetheless supplement a pointy contrariety to normal porcelain tiles. Square 44 tiles might supplement a good musical settlement for a showering surround.

Unique Vanity Cabinet Ideas
Modern vanities have been not a same as normal block box cabinets. Incorporation of giveaway station musical self-centredness cupboard ideas with corkscrew timber operative offers a elementary resolution to update your master bath simply with out wanting additional remodeling and becoming different of your home design. Be wakeful which if we have been becoming different your unchanging self-centredness cupboard to a � la mode self-centredness we might additionally need to shift your flooring if a building does not go upon underneath a cupboard to a wall.

Reviewing Online Free Bathroom Design Gallery Ideas is one good process to find a bath settlement which is right for your home. Be certain to establish a right layout for your home environment prior to starting any remodeling. Wishing we a unequivocally best!

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